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Prepared using native Geraldton wax, lemon myrtle and the unique Australian fruit, emu plum, Australian Native Gin pays homage to the world recognised biodiversity in our corner of the globe. Named for the emu’s penchant to seek out this rare indigo fruit across extreme distances, emu plum provides this gin with earthy undertones, which is complemented by the lemongrass notes of the Geraldton wax.


Botanical includes a selection of individually distilled native botanicals, including sandalwood, lemon myrtle, eucalypt and boronia to achieve an aromatic, elegant spirit with light floral notes and a smooth, delicate finish. Juniper shines through as a predominant flavour.


True to its name, our London Dry is a classic style of gin crafted using traditional botanicals, except for one uniquely Australian ingredient, wild meen. Meen is a relative of the famed Kangaroo Paw, and is also called blood root on account of the red colours of the bulb. Complementing the traditional flavours of juniper, coriander, and citrus, meen adds a delicate pepperiness to the palate which sets this gin apart. London Dry is a light, thirst-quenching beverage made for sipping back on a balmy afternoon.


Giniversity was one of the first gin distilleries on the mainland, and years of experimentation, research and expertise has resulted in six incredible gin expressions that showcase some of the native botanicals from our corner of the globe.

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