In Bloom #2

The Brief

A beautiful, ultra femanine photography and art exhibition that was born from a mutual love of floral crowns and creative collaboration.

Our gigantic floral headpieces were captured by Caitlin Worthington, painted by highly accliamed fashion illustrator Pippa McManus, and exhibited at enex100 in December 2015.

Prints are available for purchase here.

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The Team

Photos: Caitlin Worthington
Flowers: Rebecca of Fox & Rabbit
Stylist: Emma of Dropstitch
Makeup: Rebecca Collins
Artist: Pippa McManus
Hair: Melissa Cook

Models: Karina White and Emilee MacCormack of Chadwick Models

Thanks goes to

Exhibition Sponsors: enex100Chadwick Models and Perth Pro Lab

Behind the Scenes Photographer: Through the Woods We Ran
Exhibition Photographer: Ryan Ammon


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