Anthomaniacs FAQ

How does it work?

Our signature Anthomaniac’s flower bag, full of one type of flower, is delivered to your address every month.
3 months = 3 deliveries

6 months = 6 deliveries

12 months = 12 deliveries


How far do you deliver?


We deliver within 30km of our Perth CBD store.


When can I expect my delivery?


Anthomaniacs launches in January 2021 with the first delivery drop happening on Thursday 7th January. Deliveries will be sent out on the first Thursday of every month, between 6pm and 8pm in the evenings. 


Can I have my flowers delivered on a different day or time?

No. We only send on the first Thursday of each month in the evening and cannot accommodate custom delivery times. 


How does the payment work?


Much like any ongoing subscription service, such as streaming and audio services, your credit card details are stored in our system and charged on the first week of each month.


How does the delivery payment work?

The delivery payment amount is charged on top of the monthly subscription amount, and varies depending on delivery location. Delivery fees are not one off, and will be charged out for every single delivery. 

For example: A $50 subscription option delivered to Subiaco will be charged at $70 per month, as the delivery fee to Subiaco is $20.


Can I place a one-off order rather than signing up for multiple deliveries?

Not at this stage. Anthomaniacs is a subscription based service with a minimum of 3 months sign up. Currently we do not offer one-off deliveries. We suggest purchasing a signature bouquet through Fox and Rabbit for a one-off delivery.


I am buying this as a gift and would like to give the recipient something tangible before their first delivery arrives. How will that work?


We can arrange a small “pre-gift” for you to the value of $15. This pre-gift describes what Anthomanicas is all about, will notify them of their first delivery day, and will get them excited for their first delivery. 

This is NOT automatically sent out and needs to be requested on email via anthomaniacs@foxandrabbit.com.au


Can I pause my delivery if I am away?

Yes! We require 48 hours notice to pause a delivery.


Can I change my delivery address?


Yes! We require 48 hours notice to change a delivery address. Please note this will likely alter your delivery payment amount.